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For garbage disposals to operate at their best, frequent maintenance is necessary. An expert in plumbing solutions, Plumber Houston, TX, offers tips for handling garbage disposal maintenance.

How do you clean a garbage disposal?

Cleaning your garbage disposal is an essential part of upkeep that keeps it operating efficiently, avoids obstructions, and gets rid of unpleasant odors. A detailed tutorial is provided by Plumber Houston, TX, to assist you in properly cleaning your garbage disposal.

Materials Needed:

Ice Cubes.

Rock salt.

Baking soda.


Lemon or citrus peels.

Dish soap.

An old toothbrush or scrub brush.


Ice Cubes and Rock Salt: Begin by pouring a cup of ice cubes into the disposal, followed by a handful of rock salt. Turn on the disposal and let the ice and salt combination work to clean the blades and remove debris.

Baking Soda and Vinegar: Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda into the disposal, and slowly pour a cup of vinegar down the drain. The fizzing action helps break down grease and deodorize the disposal. Allow it to sit for a few minutes.

Peels: For a refreshing scent, toss a few citrus peels into the disposal. Lemons or oranges work well for this purpose. The natural oils in the peels help combat odors.

Dish Soap: Squirt a small amount of dish soap into the disposal while running warm water. This helps break down grease and keeps the disposal clean.

Scrubbing: For a more thorough clean, use an old toothbrush or scrub brush to reach areas that are harder to access. Be sure to turn off the disposal before attempting any manual cleaning.

Rinse with Water: Finish the cleaning process by running a steady stream of warm water to flush away any remaining debris and cleaning agents.

By incorporating this cleaning routine into your regular kitchen maintenance, you can keep your garbage disposal fresh, odor-free, and functioning efficiently. Plumbers in Houston, TX, recommend performing this cleaning process at least once a month to maintain optimal performance.

garbage disposal clogged

Unpleasant smells and disturbances to your kitchen routine can result from a clogged garbage disposal. Here are some troubleshooting techniques from Plumber Houston, TX, to help you deal with common garbage disposal obstructions.

Identifying the Cause:

Power Off: Before attempting any troubleshooting, ensure the garbage disposal is switched off to avoid accidents.

Visual Inspection: Look into the disposal using a flashlight to identify any visible objects causing the clog, such as utensils, bones, or large food particles.

Reset Button: If the disposal stops working, locate the reset button on the bottom of the unit and press it. This can often resolve temporary malfunctions.

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Unclogging Methods:

Allen Wrench: Many garbage disposals come with an Allen wrench. Insert the wrench into the bottom of the disposal and manually turn the blades to dislodge any obstruction.

Plunger: Place a plunger over the drain opening and create a seal. Plunge the disposal a few times to create pressure and dislodge the clog.

Baking Soda and Vinegar: As a natural alternative, mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar and pour it into the disposal. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before running hot water to clear the drain.

Pliers: Use pliers to reach into the disposal and remove any visible debris or objects causing the clog. Always ensure the disposal is turned off before attempting this.

Preventing Future Clogs:

Avoid Hard Items: Refrain from putting hard items like bones, fruit pits, or non-food items down the disposal, as these can damage the blades.

Run Cold Water: Run cold water for at least 15 seconds before and after using the disposal to help flush away debris.

Cut Food into Small Pieces: Cut larger food items into smaller pieces before putting them into the disposal to prevent overloading.

You should definitely get professional help if you are unable to clear the disposal or if the clog keeps coming up. Houston, TX, plumbers have the know-how and resources necessary to handle more difficult blockages and guarantee that your garbage disposal is operating correctly.

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